Live more simply,
unkompliziert & frei

Durch das Erlernen & Anwenden
the Alexander-Technique

Live more simply,
easily & freely

By learning & applying
the Alexander-Technique

What can I expect from the Alexander-Technique?

The Alexander Technique offers this and much more




In the

What can I expect from the Alexander-Technique?

Principles and 'tools' that can help us master our lives better and become better at everything we do...

The Alexander Technique gives you better access to your own movements so that you make more conscious choices about what you do and how you do it. This has a clear impact on our body, as well as on our mental and emotional being.

The Alexander Technique is not: It is not invasive. It is not applied "on you". It is not a medical procedure.

Everyone is responsible for their own change.

YOU yourself are at the centre of your own observations and can learn how to change your thoughts, your behaviour and your "performances".

How was the Alexander technique founded?

Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869 - 1955) was a Shakespearian reciter from Tasmania (Australia).
He had a problem: While reciting, he increasingly developed extreme hoarseness that threatened the progress of his career. Doctors couldn't assist him, and suggested therapies ultimately proved ineffective. Consequently, he asked himself, 'Could it be that I'm doing something during recitation that's causing my problem?' With this question, his self-study began.

During his self-study, he made incredible discoveries. He was able to bring about improvements and eliminate his problem. But he discovered much more. He found principles that can help us enhance ourselves, become our own masters, experience progress in all our endeavors, and lead a more conscious and self-directed life – thus gradually becoming less enslaved by our subconscious 'patterns.'

What I offer

Group workshops

Experience has shown that everyone learns best in interactive groups.
I offer such groups on different days of the week.


Workshops are a very effective way to learn intensively in interactive groups what the Alexander Technique has to offer everyone.
The workshop duration can range from half a day to 4 days.