Stefan’s Blog – November 2018

I was invited to teach a one day workshop in Cologne at the Musikhochschule by a barock violin professor.

Starting with an introductory class we then went into very basic and simple ideas. After that all of the 10 participants had a lesson while playing their instruments. We had pretty amazing results as a consequence of learning about the Alexander Technique! And on top we all had a lot of fun 🙂

Here is some of the feedback which the participants wrote down at the end of the day:


What did you like mostly?

– Fun!

– Stefan was very engaged throughout the whole day which made it easy to follow.It was very good to have lessons yourself but also to observe the lessons of the others.

– I liked observing the lessons of others because everyone brought in different issues.

– I have learned a lot – without any stress. It was of big help for playing my instrument.

– I have solved my physical problem and was able to play with a much bigger variety of sound. Thank you so much!

– Joy, fun, exploration!

– I got to know so much more and new about my body and playing my violin. I am much more aware of things I have done before without knowing I had done them. I was also able to observe this in other students.

– I was able to see what I can improve.

– I loved hearing the difference in sound when everyone played.

– It just works and playing the instrument gets easier and easier.


Would you like to participate at another workshop – and if so, why?

 – Yes, it was fun!

– Yes, it was very helpful for me. It would be very productive if we could have more of these workshops.

– Yes! I have found a new way of playing which will definitely help me playing better. I would love to have the opportunity of further help.

– Yes. I want to keep going into this direction. Always fun and no pressure is very important for me.

– Yes! Stefan is a great teacher 🙂

– Most definitely yes!

– Yes, because I want to integrate this more and more into my way of playing the violin as well as my general development.

– Yes, I want to find out more about the Alexander Technique.

– Yes, one day wasn‘t enough.

– Yes, I like Stefan‘s way of teaching. It is very clear.


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