Stefan Welsch

Stefan Welsch

Alexander Technik Lehrer,
Performender Musiker and Cellolehrer

Hello, I am Stefan Welsch.

With 28 years experience in the Alexander Technique, and as a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and Trainer, I am here to help you design your life and reach all of your potential.

Stefan Welsch is also a Performing Musician and Cello Teacher.

With a varied life and work experience I love bringing this work to musicians, sports people, business people, and anyone who enjoys improvement in all and everyday tasks.

You can experience an endless flow of improvement in EVERYTHING you do.


In 2016 Stefan Welsch completed the first additional four year training program (in addition to the four year teacher training program in 1997) to qualify as an ITM Alexander Technique trainer, training new teachers.

Stefan Welsch has an enormous  enthusiasm for this great work and loves seeing how others benefit from the Alexander Technique, and how much it offers them - as much as it did and does for him!