Ich biete Workshops mit einer Dauer von einem halben bis zu 4 Tagen an. Die Workshops können weitere ITM-Lehrer beinhalten. Ein Workshop beinhaltet in der Regel einen Einführungsteil und wird dann mit praktischer Anwendung fortgesetzt.

Kosten: abhängig von der Dauer des jeweiligen Workshops


Group Lessons

The teaching of "the work" (as F M Alexander called it) has proven to be the most efficient when held in groups. Therefore we usually offer lessons in groups starting from 2 people.

Price per person per lesson: £40 / €40
Price for a series of 10 lessons: £360 / €360

Weekend Retreats

We offer weekend workshops with one or two of our teachers in a beautiful location. Price includes an introductory evening followed by lessons, food and accommodation.  A real retreat to learn and change.

Price: £495 approximately




Become a teacher

To learn to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique you can join Stefan Welsch on a four year journey to discover more about the work, yourself and how to teach.

On successful completion you will receive a certification.

Organise a workshop

Please get in contact with us if you want to organise a workshop with us.  We offer workshop organisers an attractive package in return for their time.





We are here to help you change what you already do well, and help you perform it better.