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Ease of Motion
Ease of Motion


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Would you like to...
Move with greater ease, perform better,
change a behaviour in your personal or business life,
drive your car, play your instrument, or sit at your desk more comfortably?

for all of these and much more the Alexander Technique
is the key to unlocking all of your potential

What can I expect?

A Journey of Continuous Improvement

A short introductory talk starts your inspiring journey to become freer and better in everything you do.

Your first lesson usually starts with a simple activity like sitting.

Subsequent lessons are designed around activities of your choice.  This could be any daily activity.

How was the alexander technique founded?

This work started with a Tasmanian actor named Frederick Matthias Alexander 1869 – 1955. Alexander had a problem - a hoarse voice which affected his much loved acting career. He sort advise from doctors and after some investigation and suggested treatment they concluded there was nothing more they could do to help. He asked “could it be something I’m doing in using my voice that is the cause of the trouble?” When his doctor suggested it could but still could not help he started to study himself.

During this time he made some incredible discoveries, he discovered that he could improve himself and eradicate his problem. But he discovered much more. From his study he discovered principles that we can all live by to help us improve, become our own masters, become better at what we already do and live a consciously controlled life, no longer being the slave of subconscious behaviours.

What is the alexander technique?

Principles and tools that we can apply to life,
helping us to master ourselves,
and become better at everything we do.... ....

The Alexander Technique teaches you about the movements you create in your body, how to become more conscious of them and how they relate to  your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

What Alexander Technique is not:  It is not invasive or done to you. It is not a medical procedure.

You are in charge of the process.

YOU become the centre of your own empowering investigation,
learning how to change your thoughts, your behaviours and your physical performances



Group lessons

One of the best ways to learn is in interactive groups.  We have groups running through the week that you can join.



Workshops are an effective way to fuel your learning with interactive groups.  Workshop duration starts with half day workshops through to four days.


Weekend retreats

As the name suggests, you can indulge in a weekend away in a beautiful setting with healthy food while learning how to apply this amazing tool to your life.


10 week course

Our ten week course starts and ends with an interactive weekend (two full weekends of learning) with eight zoom calls inbetween to learn and discuss Alexanders Principles.  It is a wonderful introduction to the work of FM Alexander and great for revising the work.


Teacher training

A four year study to learn the work of F M Alexander.  Successful candidates will receive an Alexander Technique teaching certificate.


What others say

Stefan’s clear and fast mind and his subtle humour make his teaching so challenging, inspiring, intense and fun: I came home a different person - happier and more alive!

Friedrike von Forster


"Stefan not only knows exactly what I need and what I can take in a lesson, what the important point is at that very moment that brings me forward in my thinking and moving. He also knows how to put it in an encouraging manner with a striking sense of humour."

Christiane Baum

Business Woman 21.11.2018